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Editorial Bridal Photography… It’s an emerging trend in bridal photography and it’s largely inspired by fashion editorial. This is where brides look like they’ve just stepped from the pages of a magazine with all of the style and flair of glamorous models. The images are larger than life and capture the emotion and feeling of being in love. Think this is too fashion forward for the average bride? Think again. Girls all over are breaking out of the mold and giving themselves permission to be beautiful. Some brides are even trading in the superstition of being seen in their gown before the wedding in favor of having better pictures to show their guests at their receptions.


Bridal Makeovers Hair and Makeup Bride Photo Portfolios

Bridal Makeovers Hair and Makeup Bride Photo Portfolios


Take a peek at these images from the Bridal Makeovers Hair and Makeup Team Bride Photo Portfolios.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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