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The Ocean Is Calling – Bridal Makeup & Hair Designed For The Tropics

Here in Miami Beach, Summer is in full swing and so is the heat. Inviting all brides to pack your bags — you’re sure to make a splash on your wedding day with our destination-perfect HAIR & MAKEUP offerings.


The Ocean Is Calling - Bridal Makeup & Hair Designed For The Tropics


We’ve noticed that the traditional wedding ceremony of a bride and groom saying their vows in a church is no longer the norm among our brides, who are more adventurous in their vision of where they see themselves getting married.

While some traditions remain the same – love, commitment, a beautiful bridal gown, lovely flowers, and let’s not forget gorgeous makeup and hair – brides that are coming to us these days are thinking outside the trousseau when it comes to where they say “I do”.

If you see yourself saying “I do” surrounded by palm trees and white sandy beaches, then come to Miami Beach and have your dream destination wedding here. Follow the sun and capture the relaxed, easy vibe of a wedding in the tropics with our effortlessly chic hairstyles and makeup looks.

Tip of the Day:

Whether you have a pale complexion or were blessed with natural golden brown skin, there is a Bronzed Goddess in all brides. Yes, it’s all about contouring, highlighting and strobing, but when it comes to make-up in high summer, less is more. A bronzed all-over finish makes your face the perfect canvas for a serious pop of color.

The Art of Beauty encourage you to channel your inner siren with a sun-kissed beauty look created for our climate. In honor of all destination brides having their weddings in Miami Beach in the month of July, we are offering a $25 off discount off of hair or makeup. All you have to do is just mention ‘Gorgeous Summer Destination Wedding Beauty’ when booking services.


About Bridal Makeovers by Aradia:

Aradia of BRIDAL MAKEOVERS is an award-winning professional bridal makeup artist based in South Florida. Sharing the same vision and passion with brides for making them look and feel their best. It’s all about enhancing natural beauty by using high quality skin care and makeup to achieve a glowing look. The services of Bridal Makeovers by Aradia include bridal makeup and hair,special occasion applications, group and party bookings, makeup and hair for photo shoots and lessons.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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Posted July 14th, 2017.

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Indian Bridal Makeup – Jesica’s Romantic Morning

In the wee hours (4am to be exact) of the morning, last August, the beautiful bride to be, Jesica, arrived at my studio to have her bridal makeup and hair artistically done for her Bal Harbour Beach sunrise engagement photo shoot. Choosing the right bridal makeup look is one of the most exciting parts of planning for your big day. I wanted to create a makeup look that was an extension of who Jesica is.The aim was to create a look that was effortless. That was the one word that encapsulates what Jesica wanted to achieve when it came to her bridal e-shoot makeup.

All I can say is “Looking Effortless Takes Effort!” Often, that which looks effortless takes the greatest of skill and artistry to achieve. When you combine such a lovely bride (inside and out) and the incredibly talented photography of Otto Haring, the result is an over-the-top romantic look, and if weddings are anything, they are just that. It was a great pleasure enhancing Jesica’s beauty while making it look like we didn’t have try too hard. Check out the engagement photos:


Indian Bridal Makeup - Jesica's Romantic Morning

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Posted June 19th, 2017.

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Serena Williams Crashes Wedding in Miami Beach

Hello brides! I don’t know where the time has gone, but I’ve been MIA with good reason(s). The main reason being my focus on the many amazingly gracious (and gorgeous!) 2014 brides that I’ve had had the pleasure of working with. So I’m back with a super exciting post.


Bridal Makeovers Bride Ruth Kormoi's Wedding in Miami Beach

Bridal Makeovers Bride Ruth Kormoi’s Wedding in Miami Beach


I had the honor of doing the bride’s makeup, whose wedding, the tennis star Serena Williams crashed! How many brides can say that Serena Williams not only crashed their wedding, but also did it in a skin-tight leopard swimsuit? Continue Reading…

Posted June 16th, 2014.

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Destination Wedding Makeup – Miami Beach

Today’s blog was designed with the globetrotting bride-to-be in mind. If you want a wedding with an authentic island experience, but don’t actually want to go off the beaten’ path, then Miami Beach is for you.  It’s all about paradise overflowing with fun-filled activities and lounging on the beach.


Take your hair and makeup cues from Bridal Makeovers looks of undone elegance.

Take your hair and makeup cues from Bridal Makeovers’ looks of undone elegance.


This, my brides, is exactly what a destination wedding should be, an intimate celebration with you and your groom. It’s the perfect way to say “I do”… Made even more perfect with gorgeous hair and makeup by a team that specializes in destination wedding beauty. Continue Reading…

Posted November 27th, 2013.

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Art Deco Wedding Glamour – Vintage Miami Beach Style (part 2)

The roaring decade of the 1920’s not only embodied a period of glamour and drama, it also represented the rise of the “Flapper”, the “new women” who pushed the boundaries of gender identity and represented sexual and economic freedom, something that is still appealing to young women today.


The Flapper Bride epitomizes the hedonistic subculture that made the Roaring Twenties roar!

The Flapper Bride epitomizes the hedonistic subculture that made the Roaring Twenties roar!


1920’s flappers were at the forefront of the revolution that challenged Victorian attitudes towards women. They demanded the freedom to live their own lives and had a lot of fun doing it. These women wore obvious make-up, showed their knees and flung themselves into the hedonistic rhythms of Jazz and the Charleston. They threw away their restrictive corsets, cut their hair, smoked, wore trousers and drove fast cars. Life was fun and meant for living!


Louise Brooks plays a bride in 1929's Pandora's Box

Louise Brooks plays a bride in 1929’s Pandora’s Box


That era began with the look called “comme le garcon” (or, “like the boy”) – short hair was a big deal – nice girls kept their hair long, as a metaphor for maidenhood. For a woman to chop her hair short was to practically admit she was no longer a virgin. Moreover, they began smoking in public – something no “lady” did.


An Iconic Decade’s Beauty Look

An Iconic Decade’s Beauty Look

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Posted December 5th, 2012.

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Art Deco Wedding Glamour – Vintage Miami Beach Style (part 1)

Welcome all South Florida Destination Brides. One the most favored styles or themes in the wedding industry now is vintage, primarily Art Deco and the Roaring Twenties, with all its flappers, feathers, crystal and lace.


Art Deco Wedding Glamour - Vintage Miami Beach - Compact Vanities by ERTE

Art Deco Wedding Glamour – Vintage Miami Beach – Compact Vanities by ERTE


So, this week I wanted to highlight this retro glam wedding trend through the years. This blog takes you to Miami Beach during the Jazz Era, and to the fashionable bridal flapper beauty of dazzling dresses with exquisite embellishments and gorgeous head pieces.


Celebrate your own epic romance on the shores of Miami Beach

Celebrate your own epic romance on the shores of Miami Beach


The Roaring 1920’s era is not only in vogue right now. Its sensational style, swank and sound is sure to leave your guests wanting more. The Roaring 1920’s era is stylish, feminine and bold, while at the same time, nonchalant and glamorous.


A history of 20's love and romance

A history of 20’s love and romance

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Posted December 4th, 2012.

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Bridal Makeovers Guide to 2011’s HOT Summer Trends!

Greetings brides everywhere! Ladies, I am happy to report that this Summer is really sexy!

If you are on the cutting edge of makeup and bridal fashion, this is so up your alley or down your aisle, whichever you prefer.

The hottest trends from the runway in the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion shows are all about the details. This season there is a special emphasis on unique fabrications and couture details. Organza ruffles, sensuous silks, and creamy satins dominate, whether artfully draped, elaborately beaded, or delicately trimmed with Swarovski crystals. I just love the artful bridal makeup and hair that encapsulates the essence of these collections.

Here are my favorite Summer makeup collections. The looks created by these fashionable houses are inspired by the runway, yet very wearable for a bride.

Summer 2011 Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends

Summer 2011 Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends

These ready-to-wear collections combine warm and vibrant catwalk-led hues with sensual tones of blush to more intense corals; all designed to create elegant bridal looks.

Spotted on all the runways were “defined brows” paired with gel-lined eyes, a soft creamy complexion and that sought after bridal glow.

More Summer 2011 Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends

Summer 2011 Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends II

Soft shimmer on the eyes, and a bold lip seem to be the common trends. Don’t let the bright color scare you. This season, pouts are sweet and tropical! Be bold this Summer by rocking hues with an unexpected elegance. Dab on a creamy coral, fuchsia pink, tomato red lipstick with fingers for a soft look or apply with a lip brush for precision application. To prevent color from bleeding, outline lips with a matching lip-liner. For super staying power, apply a long-lasting lip stain and then liven it up with an accompanying clear gloss.

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Posted July 1st, 2011.

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