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The Best Advise For Outdoors Bridal Makeup

“Outside lies un-programmed awareness that at times becomes directed serendipity. Outside lies magic.”


The Best Advise For Outdoors Bridal Makeup


There is nothing more romantic than a wedding ceremony surrounded by nature. However, humid days of summer, or, as in Florida, all year long, can cause a makeup meltdown on your face — but you can prevent it with these 2 easy steps.

Best Advise For Outdoors Bridal Makeup

1) Use an oil-absorbing primer that can also be used on top of makeup to help tone down shiner. Unlike a powder, a primer won’t cake; unlike blotting papers, it won’t lift off your makeup.

2) Waterproof cosmetics are a sure-fire way of preventing your face from going into makeup meltdown.


About Art of Beauty by Aradia

If you’re looking for more of a pro look than you feel like you can achieve on your own or you’re just hoping to sit back and let someone else do the work, your wedding is the perfect time to reach out to a professional makeup artist. Serving my wonderful bridal clients has always been a privilege and an honor. I see in my brides faces a chance to bring forth the spark that makes each one of them unique. I have been immersed in the beauty business since 1990, and have spent over 20 years educating myself through exploration of new techniques. In an age when beauty is increasingly about individuality, The Art of Beauty by Aradia brings you the best in on location makeup and hair services in South Florida.


Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

Bridal Makeovers by Aradia

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Did you know that choosing your wedding day makeup can be the hardest decision you’ll make after choosing the groom?


Bridal Makeup And Your BOHO Dress


While your dress is definitely crucial, your bridal makeup is equally important — not only will everyone will be looking at your face and its radiant glow, but photos are forever. A good rule of thumb is to start thinking about your makeup early on — perhaps right after you lock down your boho dress. That way your whole entire vibe goes together. So, if you’re going with a boho vintage-inspired lace gown like the one seen here, think ethereal style when it comes to your makeup. Continue Reading…

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Naturally Beautiful Bridal Hair & Makeup – Art of Bridal Beauty

The wedding industry seems to be obsessed with physical beauty in its constant endeavor to convince brides of looking perfect. The Art of Bridal Beauty, instead sheds light on beauty – which is real and authentic with its unique imperfections.


Naturally Beautiful Bridal Hair & Makeup


Miles away from the preconceptions of beauty, we show our brides a new perspectives by celebrating her natural beauty. The Art of Bridal Beauty gives brides the freedom to explore the kind of beauty that is expressed by the love they feel in their hearts for their future spouse. Since I’m a strong advocate of inner beauty and bringing out a bride’s best features to make her feel stunning from the inside out I’m sharing some tips for creating a natural look. Continue Reading…

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Here Is Why I Love Creating Makeup Looks For My Indian Brides

Vizcaya‘s naturally romantic vibes and gorgeous old world architecture makes it one of my favorite locations in Miami, so it’s no surprise that this seaside paradise was the backdrop for the Beautiful Indian Bride Richa’s e-shoot.


Indian Bride Richa - Viscaya E-Shoot


Taking full advantage of this most magical venue, Haring Photography captured Richa’s romantic adventure from every angle, showcasing the stunning gardens and views of Biscayne Bay in nearly every photo. Continue Reading…

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Just like you needed to move fast on your favorite wedding venue or photographer, you’ll need to make a decision about your bridal makeup artist early on.


Bridal Makeup Tip Of The Day - Book Your Makeup Artist Early!


Did you know that the most in-demand artists are usually booked early?

Finding an artist that you mesh well with and that can bring your vision to life is a lot more important than brides think. Your makeup artist should be someone who makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and confident. Continue Reading…

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How To Make Your Bridal Makeup Last – 5 Crucial Steps

Finding wedding day cosmetics that truly match your skin, without clogging pores or causing irritation, seems to be the universal bridal dilemma. There’s no denying the impact that a consistent skin-care routine can have on your bridal look. But, when your big day arrives and you find yourself with problem skin that needs to be disguised, you’ll need the instant skin perfecting qualities of what a good professional bridal makeup application offers.


How To Make Your Bridal Makeup Last - 5 Crucial Steps


When it comes to HD photography close-ups, your normal makeup just isn’t good enough anymore. Brides now need HD make-up to ensure gorgeous skin. So, if you want your bridal complexion to have a flawless coverage, be soft to the touch and completely even, then it’s time to say yes to luminous bridal makeup with these few essential makeup steps and product recommendations: Continue Reading…

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How To Create The Perfect Canvas For Your Bridal Makeup

You’ve seen them… Brides who have such flawless complexions, they almost look air brushed (even when they’re not). Those brides who look like they’ve never had skin woes in their lives. Those brides know how to look after their skin. Before heading down that aisle, make sure your complexion is ready for your close-up so that you can be one of those brides.


How To Create The Perfect Canvas For Your Bridal Makeup


But before you select that perfect foundation that’s suited to your skin type, that indispensable concealer, and or those trendy contouring and highlighting palettes, you’ll want to first take excellent care of your skin. Remember, pre-wedding stress can manifest itself in many ways—including on your face. To keep your skin smooth, supple, and wrinkle-free, follow these steps. Continue Reading…

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The Ocean Is Calling – Bridal Makeup & Hair Designed For The Tropics

Here in Miami Beach, Summer is in full swing and so is the heat. Inviting all brides to pack your bags — you’re sure to make a splash on your wedding day with our destination-perfect HAIR & MAKEUP offerings.


The Ocean Is Calling - Bridal Makeup & Hair Designed For The Tropics


We’ve noticed that the traditional wedding ceremony of a bride and groom saying their vows in a church is no longer the norm among our brides, who are more adventurous in their vision of where they see themselves getting married. Continue Reading…

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Put Some Pearl Luster Into Your Bridal Makeup

While designing makeup looks for my brides, I become inspired by the layers of amazing fabrics, lace, embroidery, jewels of their couture gowns.


Put Some Pearl Luster Into Your Bridal Makeup


When given creative freedom I then create something a bit more personalized and enriched by giving it a more dimensional and textured quality with loose ultra-shimmering highlighters that add sparkle to the eyes and cheeks. Continue Reading…

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Indian Bridal Makeup – Jesica’s Romantic Morning

In the wee hours (4am to be exact) of the morning, last August, the beautiful bride to be, Jesica, arrived at my studio to have her bridal makeup and hair artistically done for her Bal Harbour Beach sunrise engagement photo shoot. Choosing the right bridal makeup look is one of the most exciting parts of planning for your big day. I wanted to create a makeup look that was an extension of who Jesica is.The aim was to create a look that was effortless. That was the one word that encapsulates what Jesica wanted to achieve when it came to her bridal e-shoot makeup.

All I can say is “Looking Effortless Takes Effort!” Often, that which looks effortless takes the greatest of skill and artistry to achieve. When you combine such a lovely bride (inside and out) and the incredibly talented photography of Otto Haring, the result is an over-the-top romantic look, and if weddings are anything, they are just that. It was a great pleasure enhancing Jesica’s beauty while making it look like we didn’t have try too hard. Check out the engagement photos:


Indian Bridal Makeup - Jesica's Romantic Morning

Continue Reading…

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